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Frozen Organic Cranberries

Frozen Organic Cranberries

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Shipping Insulation Material

Available For Purchase Year-Round

At Fresh Meadows Farm, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality frozen organic cranberries all year. This commitment extends through all aspects of the operation. We take great care in the production, transportation, sorting, and packing to attempt to reach this goal each year and ensure the organic process's complete integrity. Our organic certifying agent is Baystate Organic Certifiers. We are also certified by Commonwealth Quality for food safety.

Shipping Info

Our frozen organic cranberries are packed and shipped in 5 lb. resealable zip lock bags. We ship frozen Monday - Wednesday (Please allow at least 12 hours for your order to be processed)

Local Delivery

Our Fresh Meadows Truck delivers to locations within South Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Truck deliveries require a 30 lb. minimum plus shipping costs. 

Contact Us if you would like to know if you qualify.

To reduce delivery costs for small purchases, we strongly encourage the formation of Cooperative Purchasing Groups in your vicinity. We have experienced some success with these relationships in the past. Contact Us if you would like to learn more about forming a purchasing group.

Local Pickup

Arrangements can be made to pick-up any time of the year.Contact Us with your request, and we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Warm Weather Shipping Notice

Our frozen berries generally thaw during delivery, but are fine when refrozen upon arrival.

Please use caution when ordering during heat waves and summer months. We recommend avoid shipping into very hot conditions, as well as trying to avoid 3 day shipping if possible. For questions regarding transit times, please send us your zip code, and we can check on schedules

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Insulation & Shipping Options

Our frozen cranberries are custom packaged to meet our customer shipping needs based on estimated transit times and destination temperatures.  Our frozen shipments will often arrive in some state of thaw.  Simply place the cranberries back in the freezer upon arrival and they will be fine!

  • Our “heavy insulation” is comprised of 1 inch thick insulation pads and will include multiple gel packs within each shipping box. 
    This packaging is strongly recommended and/or required for longer transit times and in warmer temperatures.
    Note: Pricing for heavy insulation options includes the additional cost of insulating shipping materials.

  • Insulation and Packaging

    Our “light insulation” is comprised of light bubble wrap and will include gel ice pack(s) within each shipping box.  This packaging
    is recommended for transit times of 1 to 2 days and up to 3 days in colder

  • For wholesale & bulk frozen organic cranberry orders, please contact us by phone for the best rates and delivery options.

    Before placing your order, please have ALL of the following information ready:

  • • Contact Name

    • Organization/Company (if applicable)

    • Phone Number

    • Address (with ZIP)

    • Quantity and Type (fresh or frozen) of cranberries desired

    • Desired Delivery Date

    • Preferred Delivery Method

    • Desired Payment Method

    • Call 508-866-7136