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  • When are Fresh Organic Cranberries available for purchase?

    Fresh Organic Cranberries are available to purchase throughout our Harvest season, which usually begins the 1st week in October. We typically have them in stock between the months of October through December. When in season, our website will be updated accordingly to reflect they are back in stock and allow for purchase(s). 

    How long will my frozen cranberries keep?

    Our frozen organic cranberries can be kept in a frozen state for over a year.

    Will the cranberries still be frozen when I receive them?

    Depending on the time of year and the distance being shipped, our frozen organic cranberries will arrive in some state of thawing. Simply place the cranberries back in the freezer upon arrival, and they will be fine!

    How do we know the cranberries are truly Organic?

    All of the organic cranberries that we grow and market are USDA Certified Organic. We go through a very stringent process to ensure our cranberries meet the USDA Certified Organic standards. The full vertical integration of our business ensures the integrity of the organic process. For business needs - or inquiries, certification can be presented upon request.

    Does Fresh Meadows Farm offer farm harvest tours?

    We do offer limited harvest tours throughout the year. If you’re interested in watching a live
    harvest, it’s best to reach out to us in late September to schedule a date.

    How many cups of cranberries are in a pound?

    Roughly four (4) cups makes up 1lb.

  • What is the difference between the light insulation vs heavy insulation?

    Our “light insulation” is comprised of light bubble wrap, and will include gel ice pack(s) within the box. This is typically used for orders with shorter transit times.

    Our “heavy insulation” includes a 1inch thick insulation pad, and will also have multiple gel ice packs included within the box. This is typically used for orders with
    longer transit times. Heavy insulation is strongly suggested and/or required for orders with longer transit times throughout the summer.  

    What are the various ways I can use cranberries?

    There are various ways to consume cranberries! Some choose to use the organic cranberries to make cranberry juice, sauce, bake cranberry oatmeal cookies or a pie. Others add the organic cranberries to their smoothies and/or use them for juicing. Cranberries can also be incorporated into your daily foods, such as: oatmeal; cereal; yogurt; pancakes; muffins; salads; bread; casseroles; and more! You can also eat them raw – their tartness is an acquired taste.

    Are there any health benefits to eating organic cranberries?

    There are certainly many health benefits that have been linked to cranberries over the years.
    Cranberries are considered to be a superfood, primarily based on the fact that they are very high in antioxidants and nutrients. They’re known to help aid a healthy immune system. There are many published articles that can be found online regarding how beneficial cranberries are!

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