Locally Grown Frozen Organic Cranberries


Available For Purchase Year Round

At Fresh Meadows Farm we strive to provide the highest quality frozen organic cranberries to our customers year round. This commitment extends through all aspects of the operation. We take great care in the production, transportation, sorting, and packing to attempt to reach this goal each year and to ensure the full integrity of the organic process.

Our organic certifying agent is Baystate Organic Certifiers. We are also certified by Commonwealth Quality for food safety.

Local delivery and national shipping options are available. See our Delivery Options section below for more info.

Delivery Options:

Summer Shipping Notice

Our frozen berries generally thaw during delivery, but are fine when refrozen upon arrival. Please use caution when ordering during heat waves and summer months. We recommend avoid shipping into very hot conditions, as well as trying to avoid 3 day shipping if possible. For questions regarding transit times, please send us your zip code, and we can check on USPS schedules

508-866-7136 or 508-840-0867


  • 5 to 10 lbs. Standard shipping is available via US Postal Service. Contact us for Expedited shipping through UPS or FedEx.
  • Minimum quantity for shipping is 5 lbs
  • For large commercial orders Contact Us about availability, shipping, and delivery options.
Our frozen organic cranberries are packed and shipped in 5 lb. resealable zip lock bags. To avoid long weekend delays our frozen organic cranberries are only shipped Monday through Tuesday (shipping day depends on final destination).
*Continental U.S. Shipping Only


How long will my frozen cranberries keep?
Our frozen organic cranberries can be kept in a frozen state for over a year.
Will the cranberries still be frozen when I receive them?
Depending on the time of year and the distance shipped, our frozen organic cranberries will be in some state of thawing. Simply refreeze upon receipt and they will be fine.
Why do frozen cranberries sell for less money than fresh?
Frozen fruit actually include some berries with minor bruises. The bruise berries do not have as long of a shelf life when held as fresh fruit, so we freeze them immediately.